Re: Re: STG/EURO Exchange Rate Impact



Spain, realises its position in the world and lives within. The Brits are in an illusion of being a superpower & sucks up to the USA to fulfil this illusion in return for doing the dirty for them in Europe or middle East.

It is well accepted that without the American help Britain could not have liberated the Falkland Islands.

Syria, is going through a civil war & in a war people get killed civil war or not. I am sure deep inside Cameron is
thankful for the voting.

The issue to me is who sold the chemical weapons, irrespective of who is using them. Did they not think at the point of sale who will it be used against ?. I am no supporting of Asad or his late father.

I recall the war in Bosnia. The Bosnians were not allowed to acquire arms as the reasoning was that buy equipping them it will escalate the war. As a result thousands were slaughtered against a well equipped Serb forces who had access to arms from the defunct Yugoslav army, which at the time was the fourth largest army in the West.

The reality behind the situation is the involvement of the Saudi’Arabia & Israel.