Re: Re: Squatters in Spain


Its a great pity Spain cannot clean up its legal systems. The basic problem is the lawyers are only interested in making money for themselves and the more archaic things are the more opportunities to exploit people to make more. Fortunately the people I bought from live in another flat in the same building and are always there and look after everything -for nothing ! But I am sure I would never buy anything in Spain again until they become a country that you can rely upon to get justice there if you are an owner. The EU could help a lot by harmonising a lot of property law -bringing in something like a National Conditions of Sale that is common and making squatting illegal -allowing non residents to stay longer in their properties than 182 days in one year providing they don’t exceed an average of that in 3 years and prove it -to cover for emergencies and bad long winters in their native countries -and making Lawyers associations as transparent as the Law Society in the UK where you do get a chance of a successful appeal where in Spain there is no chance !