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@DBMarcos99 wrote:

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Spanish people both in the UK and in Spain, and this statement is totally untrue. In fact in all my own experiences the Spanish concerned were generally more efficient and hard-working than their Brit co-workers. (This does not mean it’s always the case, as I’ve seen some inefficient working in Spain.)
Just a couple of examples – I can go into a Spanish cafe bar and within 50-60 seconds of shouting out “un con leche, cuando puedas” I have a decent cup in front of me. Here in London, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Wetherspoons, a Costa or a “barista-special” it takes ages to get served. Of course not all the staff are Brits…
At the other end of the scale, it seems Spain can build a high speed rail line, crossing difficult terrain including mountains and ravines for say 8 billion euros within 10 years. Let me know if HS2 will get built in under 15 years and for less than 30 billion?
Do people really think that successful people like the Spanish footballers, the Michelin chefs, Rafa Nadal, and those fashion store moguls got to where they are by being lazy?? No, the Spanish know how to work hard and efficiently.

None of that is relevant, except getting served quickly indicates inefficiency – employees who aren’t busy can respond quicker.

Spain’s problem is not laziness, its that they are paid to much for what they do. The country needs an internal devaluation – its wages need to fall 25% and then stay there. Normally a currency devaluation would achieve this but Spain cannot do it. Germany is much more productive as they have forgone 10years of pay rises and they are economically merged with Spain.

The UK had a 25% devaluation which is possibly the reason why unemployment has been falling in the UK and rising in Spain, Spains productivity is not good.