Re: Re: Spanish Savers fall victim to Friendly (not so) Bankers


MG, I forgot to mention those same friends also had on two separate occasions, golf clubs stolen from locked garden shed, and a petrol mower and tools, despite having large iron gates and wicked pyracantha hedging growing along fence, so around 7 robberies/happenings in 10 years that they’ve admitted. Is it more than usual/expected? 🙄

At Alhaurin Golf there are a row of semi-detached villas (about 16-20) bounded by on top the road to Mijas and below by a road within the golf course. Every one of them has been robbed, there are normally several for sale at any one time, all have wrecker bars, alarms, shutters, large dogs, security lights, spiked gates etc installed now. Not pleasant at all. Some occupants have also been gassed whilst asleep and dogs drugged and then robbed. Moral, don’t buy between two easy get-away roads overlooked by mountainside and cover where the thieves watch with binoculars from.

You have to fee sorry for the Spaniards who now cannot access their money from their so called friendly banks 🙄