Re: Re: Spanish Savers fall victim to Friendly (not so) Bankers


Sorry to hear about your problems mgspain.

We have friends who live in Spain, the husband plays golf at Lauro and recently as he was unloading his golf equipment two men approached him in open car park, one asked him if he was xyz, whilst the other managed to steal his wallet from passenger seat with all his cards and 100 euros in it, all on CCTV but Police not bothered. Same man has had tyre slashed at La Canada and accomplice makes off with bag from back seat of car. His wife had her bag stolen from under a table they were sitting at in open restaurant another time. Husband’s wallet again stolen by pickpocket, and more recently, a group of Romanies (eastern european ones) jostled them although with other friends, in Malaga asking for money for a ‘rose’ whilst one woman was trying to help herself literally to Euro notes from her purse whilst in her hands, and refusing loose change.

I don’t know if this is normal, but they’ve never previously been robbed in the UK 🙄