Re: Re: Spanish Savers fall victim to Friendly (not so) Bankers



@angie wrote:

I think you got a bit confused there Rocker, I was talking about security issues and crime, even robbery, not a shopping list, which was the gist of the topic, but glad you know an estate agent presumably in the UK and not Spain which caters for all đŸ™„

Meanwhile the large one on the Spanish Coast might do those awful furniture packages they all pushed, by request if you ask, it’s just that they actively promote security services for ‘peace of mind’ đŸ˜›

I am talking about a large estate agent trading on the Spanish coast and I’m mindful of the security issues involved. As I said, side by side with selling properties in the sun, they advertise security systems to keep the prospective buyers safe.

As well as selling Viagra under the counter, they also sell pepper sprays to elderly ladies afraid of getting mugged. In fact, shops selling products to keep people safe have sprung up all over the place, it seems a recession proof industry, or maybe it’s an industry thriving because of the recession.