Re: Re: Spanish Savers fall victim to Friendly (not so) Bankers


Most of the long-term expats I know have had to take steps to keep themselves safe and we have a long-established neighbourhood watch system to help us. Very few have returned to the UK purely because of the crime problems, but I know of several caught out by the bank scam who are just hanging on in the hope of getting at least some of their money back. I think they will, but the wheels of justice seem to turn very slowly in Spain.

I have noticed that my Spanish banks, all two of them, proper banks, now bend over backwards to give me free banking and all sorts of other perks to keep me as a customer. The old grumpiness has gone and they must have all been on a smiling course. I got some minor satisfaction when I discovered that a former grumpy customer service operator now works as a pool cleaner.

Recently, I have never seen anyone buy anything from the lookie-lookie men and the police are slowly getting rid off the many beggars, especially the foreign gippos. People are either skint, or fed up being ripped off, I don’t know which.