Re: Re: Spanish Public Officials are Honest?


Lest any of you doubt that Spain is turning to the far right politically under pressure from the Catholic mafia read this I lifted from Eye on Spain. Gay rights will not be far behind especially if the PP win a second term as seems very likely.

JUSTICE minister Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón has announced plans to bring the new abortion law into effect before the end of this year.
Meetings will be held with the cabinet on the next three Fridays to finalise the content, which he stresses will ‘respect the historic discourse’ of the PP on the subject.
Many of the elements introduced by the previous socialist government will be eliminated.
These include allowing a woman to terminate a pregnancy before a certain time on any grounds, although a psychologist’s report would normally be needed if her physical or mental health or that of the child were not at risk.
They also include the fact that at present, girls aged 16 or 17 but under 18 do not need their parents’ consent to terminate a pregnancy.
Now, anyone under 18 will need written permission from their parents or guardians to have an abortion.