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Chris M

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Of the sold properties
– Dropping off the high 5 sales does not give good info if you do not drop off the bottom 5 sales too.. What’s that average now!

The average figure came out at €264,000

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– Of the sold properties; what was the financing of the deals, % deposit necessary, % of property that were bank or distressed.

I don’t have exact data here, but let me say where we used to talk finance to almost everyone, we talk finance now to almost no one, same as back in the late 80’s early 90’s people work their own finances out and are usually good to go when they walk in the door. Which is a shame because there are some finance solutions we can get here and there.

We sold no bank stock, we don’t have any at this time, we know of some few units but we don’t have it listed. or at least not that I know of right now.

We did sell two units to people who had placed deposits on – direct from – bank repossesions only to decide against those for our vendor stock.

We don’t have any distressed property per se, we don’t promote it, we actually hear a lot about it, but haven’t seen any of it, or rather to qualify as what would equate to what you would call distressed at a distressed price, there is plenty of distressed stock that is at an overly inflated price though. We don’t show it or promote it.

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Of the sold properties; how much Owner Equity do you think the owners still had available to drop or were they underwater.

To be honest I don’t know, but remember, not everyone bought at the peak of the boom, there are plenty of people around who bought 10 years or more ago, it is a mix that I can’t say accurately off the top of my head, and we don’t have enough of a sample to really make a qualified statement on that really.

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– Of the properties sold, what is the AVG decline in property value, how long where those properties on the market.
– Of the properties sold, what was the $ per SQM, what was it back 2 years ago.
– Rate the properties vs. price, how many of the deals would you use your money to finance those same deals.

That’s a bit too much information for me to get together right now, and there are lot of variables when it come to SQM analysis.

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Of the 110 People per month
– When at 500 people a month how many had immediate financing for at least the AVG Sales Price.
– Of the 110 people how many have immediate financing for the Avg Sales Price

When at 500 people a month, it seemed back then that about 90% – 95% obtained some level of financing, of the 110 now, as I said above, very few look to talk to us about that aspect, if they doing finance, then they have done it before they walk in our door. And interestingly even for those few developments around that have financing available at say 70%, there is little interest in the easy availability of funds, our clients seem to know what they want and what they will pay for it, with the funds they have already available.

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Now I know this will be hard to answer because in Spain ‘Real Estate Agents’ like drug dealers are only sell side (sorry for the little dig), all the best on the sales!

It was very hard to answer without going into some quite exhaustive research, so please take it that these are just general stabs at answers really, more thoughts than any kind of analysis, and I will live with the dig yes, it is Angies coffee am more worried about, I take one wrong step am gonna be covered in that! But have grown to realise that if I get a bashing I have often actually deserved it.