Re: Re: Spanish Property Information



Interesting Post I will agree, and great you were as honest!

I think the most important information however was left out of the numbers. Seeing as you have been at this so long you would have the best information to actually compile true analysis, for example.

Of the sold properties
– Dropping off the high 5 sales does not give good info if you do not drop off the bottom 5 sales too.. What’s that average now!
– Of the sold properties; what was the financing of the deals, % deposit necessary, % of property that were bank or distressed.
– Of the sold properties; how much Owner Equity do you think the owners still had available to drop or were they underwater.
– Of the properties sold, what is the AVG decline in property value, how long where those properties on the market.
– Of the properties sold, what was the $ per SQM, what was it back 2 years ago.
– Rate the properties vs. price, how many of the deals would you use your money to finance those same deals.

Of the 110 People per month
– When at 500 people a month how many had immediate financing for at least the AVG Sales Price.
– Of the 110 people how many have immediate financing for the Avg Sales Price

Now I know this will be hard to answer because in Spain ‘Real Estate Agents’ like drug dealers are only sell side (sorry for the little dig), all the best on the sales!