Re: Re: Spanish Property Information



Fair play to you. I have always admired the way you have stuck to your guns and kept your head above the parapet. It certainly hasn’t been the easiest few years for those in your profession or location.

I am not one of those who has believed that property sales in the costas were stagnant. With perhaps the exception of the late 2008/early 2009 period when it seemed the world as we knew it would end, there has been and will be a market for decently priced, well located properties. Your post only serves to confirm that to me. Spain, despite all its well documented problems, holds many attractions for overseas buyers. I wouldn’t be looking otherwise.

Having said that, I remain convinced that the outlook on prices is negative. Again, unlike some, I don’t believe there will be a collapse. Rather a slow decline circa of 5% per year for at least the next few years. Allowing for inflation of say 2.5% per year this will equate to properties falling by 25% or so in real terms over that period. If something calamitous happens, such as the Euro collapsing, then of course a severe decline could indeed be on the cards.

Glad to hear that you are fully recovered and back in the saddle so to speak.