Re: Re: Spanish Property Information


I don’t doubt your stats Chris, and that’s good news for Viva and Spanish property, but I think a lot of that is down to good and pro-active marketing from Viva who regularly send emails out with their latest BIG property reductions, I suspect Fuengi is keeping pretty busy too.

Even better news though for sellers is your more realistic sales commissions as it was often seen that the agent was always the main beneficiary of property sales/purchase.

If I was buying in Spain CDS again, I would probably go to either of you as a starter as your local knowledge would be more helpful and hopefully trustworthy than many others.

I doubt very much that most agents in Spain are doing as well, advertising costs etc might prohibit them. I honestly think that most newbies wouldn’t know who they can trust though.

Despite sounding as if you’re ‘talking things up’, I still think there’s a strong need for Spain to have an honest and reliable list of registered agents, developers and lawyers, regionally.

I also think that the questions I asked above re Sovereign Debt issues would make me think twice before buying now, but that’s just my opinion.

I refuse to spill my coffee though 😉 😆