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Chris M

@katy wrote:

Many find it difficult to trust an estate agent to tell the whole truth. You are going to attract every small time agent to come on here and boast how many properties they are selling a week 😉 😆

It might be interesting to hear how the many small time agents are actually doing. I think finally the back bedroom office agent is finally starting to suffer, folk are not so ‘trusting’ to believe everything they hear any longer, people do want to see a real office these days, they want some proof in the pudding that their agent knows what they are doing and talking about. Those with an established office do a good job these days I think.

@katy wrote:

I do still have relatives and friends around the CDS and it is not what I am hearing from the shop floor although not your shop floor. Maybe it is just that your marketing is better than the others 😉

No, the messages are indeed mixed, but then so is our marketing, and our whole attitude, approach and model is adapting all the time, we don’t know, we barely dare to hope, but last year for the first time in four years we were able to accurately predict and hit the budget for the entire year.

so maybe it is just that we had some ducks in a row and had an insight into how the market was going to go, but the whole world economy still scares the life out of us every time a ‘bail out’ comes around, and we worry, and this month so far is not exactly storming along as yet. But I just thought it was worth giving out some figures to see if they were valuable. We find them very encouraging if they continue.

@katy wrote:

Interesting about commissions…how does that work, are they negotiable?

They are not negotiable per se, but some times there has to be give and take to make a sale work for people so – they can be reduced here and there, but it is mainly the amount of people involved who have to be paid again these days. If you have a Danish Agent bringing you a client, you sell another agents property because they have the listing, then the overall 5% doesn’t come out to that much for each, plus we reduce fees by the contribution to marketing that a vendor makes.

Having said that, when I caused some consternation several years ago by looking to reduce fees to 2% my argument was at the time that we were only receiving 3.8% anyway at that time so not that much difference.

@katy wrote:

How’s the golf? I ran into you a few times over the years. I don’t play much in the UK. Too serious and they think it’s pretentious to have a buggy 🙄

Well in the last 9 months I think I have only managed to play half a dozen times, it is way tooo cold most of the time in the UK to play, and when here I just end up being too busy and I was quite ill for several months but I have two games planned for this weekend! But, I am now fascinated, I didn’t know we had met… I knew we lived in the same area, and often wondered is Katy going to tap me on the shoulder one day and say hello…