Re: Re: Spanish Property Crash hits Britons


@ralita wrote:

Now Rob will get very upset with Mark.

No ralita

Rob actually has an interest in Spanish Property and is not just a dreamer sitting on the outside looking in!

Even what you quote states quite clearly that purchsers COULD see values shrink – NOT will.

You need to get a life and stop trying to talk prices down! You will never get them down low enough to buy anything.

I went to buy a “traditional” rabbit hutch for one of my kids the other day and was a little taken aback at the price of 150€. Timber is expensive in Spain but that was too high in my view. However, the guy that was selling told me that you, ralita, had spoken to him that morning and dared to suggest that maybe a 30% reduction was in order. However, if he had agreed to that crazy offer, you were in need of a mortgage and the bank had refused you a 95€ loan.

Please ralita, get out of fantasy land, stop making any comments on Spanish property matters that you have no interest in or knowledge of, and stop being a doom monger. When you can afford a rabbit hutch then maybe you will be able to make some positive input to this forum. However, not sure where you would house the hutch?