Re: Re: Spanish parliament blocks Catalonia referendum


Maybe that was over the top Gary but i felt very strongly about it as I do about the two Scotch traitors -leaders of the Labour Party who gave Alex Salmon a foot in the door -even if as they may say was only to give devolved representation within the Union and whsat Salmon is doing is HIS TREACHERY. Franco did not believe in gassing Jews -no Spaniard would respect you for the comparison . Bin Ladenwas a terrorist. the comparison not sensible-he was a dissident with a grudge against his own country and against America. Franco was a good patriot. He lived in other past times and was a soldier and he did what he did for the best -in the same way as many Chinese respect Mao -and that is much more difficult for outsiders to go along with because of all the deaths he caused unnecessarily. But do consider Gary my point about having a Referendum, of the whole Nation to validate or reject the proposed secession of Catalonia if it a vote in favour from that region .