Re: Re: Spanish parliament blocks Catalonia referendum


There will always be disagreement on an issue like this. Devolution ought to be enough. In the EU the only other alternative comparison I can find is the that of Germany and Austria -both german speaking. But Austria had a long independent history and Germany is not of its essence now an enlarged Prussia -geographically Austria being very substantially an Alpine country. Catalonia is Spanish speaking -territorially and culturally closer to its neighbouring regions than neighbouring Nation States. Catalonia’s claim is little more than a naive selfishness ! Indeed the problem is in Madrid -Spain claims to be a Democracy wheras its a really a combination of decayed Totalitarianism and Anarchy as amplified in the numerous frustrations in the posts on this forum. Rahoy shows rather more teeth than one might ever have believed him capable of in opposition but it is in the matters of reform of legal financial and of petty bureacracy only that will diminish the urge for some segments of the Nation to chance it on there own by getting up and leaving .