Re: Re: Spanish parliament blocks Catalonia referendum


@kgpoc wrote:

It seems so easy to say the ‘idealist’ thing but someone please tell me who is the ‘them’ in this discussion? That is the practical real world problem. Them who is different from me to declare their province a country. Who is THEM?

THEM is the 7 million people who live there. Who else do you think should decide on their independence?

@kgpoc wrote:

The majority on the right side of the Catalonia line TODAY (regardless of how they came, when they came, what language they speak, whose culture they grew up with). Seriously is that all it takes to decide I am my nation? Hell London would have to be calved up into Little India, Little Pakistan, Little Russia, Little Romania.. Oh wait, they do not have a 300 year old line to point at every time they don’t like something.

Are you really suggesting that Cataluña is equivalent to a minority community living in a part of London?

@kgpoc wrote:

No one likes many things occurring in Spain right now (it is a recession, half depression), there is a lot of anger but reading everyone who ‘likes’ for the idealist belief, in fact just wants to point at THE LINE. No debate on benefits for the whole country or solutions for the issues, just keep pointing at the line guys. What a great ideological victory it will be when you turn a line into a boarder and separate 2 almost identical cultures, mixed blood, mixed family..

If you want to debate about that then fine, but this thread’s about whether Catalunia should be allowed to have a referendum or not. There’s a difference between debating the merits of Catalan independence and debating the merits of allowing the people who this primarily affects decide on the matter.

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Sorry if I sound short on ideology of rights or being spoken to about it: As many of you know I am a Zimbabwean, so I have a good case test for your ideology. The west in its infinite wisdom pass free of charge the best AIDS drugs to African mothers with AIDS to stop them from passing the disease on to their fetus. The drug prolongs her life for a while and stops AIDS being transferred. It does not stop death, it just prolongs her life to have 2-3 more children but she does still die early leaving 3-4 orphans.
Ideology on human rights has consequences, very bright, smart, good willing, righteous people came to the quick fix decision to save lives (2 for 1) and send the drugs but it seems no one is around for the catastrophe we have with the children for 20 years.

Your argument seems to be that sometimes good intentions don’t have good consequences and therefore 7 million people living together in a particular region shouldn’t have the right to decide on whether they should become an independent nation or not. I don’t really follow this.