Re: Re: Spanish parliament blocks Catalonia referendum



Chopera/Logan – you guys love to blur the line between majority rule and democracy. Majority rule will and does tear itself apart (we have examples daily in Spain with all things ‘laboral’ with hours worked and retirement age) – if majority rule is followed we would have ‘puentes’ between every weekend.

mgspain – your points are dead on! As we can see by the latest round of people that CTV3 is putting in the news, people born in Asturias, etc that moved to Barcelona and have integrated into society. These people are now coming out saying yes to independence from Spain. How absurd! The very rights and ability that let that person move there, and both Catalonia and they benefited from, they want to stop…. Or at best they want to choose how and who they will stop, so it is only a 1 sided trade. So our blood in mixed, our culture is mixed, our heritage is mixed, but you feel you have the right to choose to separate from me, because of a line from 300 years ago.

Right pull the other one it plays jingle bells!