Re: Re: Spanish Lawyers



@jon wrote:

We are in the position of having no bank guarantee for an apartment we bought off plan in 2001……

our new lawyer discovered that a guarantee had never been taken out in our name……..

Last Friday we were astounded to hear that the junta of the Colegio had said that our former lawyer had not breached their rules and they had rejected our complaint.


I quite agree Katy.

If the Colegio is impotent (or unwilling) to act in a case such as Jon’s – just what is the point of this apparent regulator?
Just what are their ‘rules’ that can enable this lawyer to commit such a derelict of duty re. not protecting his client?
To me the Colegio is just one big ‘Boys Club’.

It was Jon’s legal right to have a Bank Guarantee, supposedly a criminal offence re. the developer if he doesn’t issue one….yet who seems to care?
Not the lawyer, and not the Colegio.
What happened to the lawyer’s oath to protect their clients’ interests?

Having read the threads this evening of so many tales of woe and difficulties, where so many have suffered such disservice from their lawyers, I totally despair of the legal system in Spain.

These corrupt lawyers bring shame on their profession, and am sure huge embarrassment to all the good lawyers out there.