Re: Re: Spanish Land Registry


Thanks for that! The url you gave shows a message saying that the website has been changed. There’s an English front page at

From that page there’s free access to Datos Catastrales which can either take the Referencia Catastrale or you can drill down, from province to plot. On the latter, choosing the provincia from a drop-down list enables the search button for municipios and when one of those is selected, the street can be searched for, and then you enter a range of numbers which then returns a list of properties.

Click on a finca and then the information is shown in a table form, with fields in Spanish, and also a PDF can be downloaded showing the details with a plan of a the property. All for free! There are links to maps. A zoomable map of plots can be viewed, and the cartografia internet gives links for Google Maps etc. to view the plot by Street View.

So the first property I looked up couldn’t be found…

I started with Google Street View to find the place, a bar on the corner of two streets. Google had sent their car down the larger of the two roads and I identified the bar. It had the number 64 next to the door, and the next property along in the street was 66, the next 68 and so on. The name of the adjacent road could be seen, but Google hadn’t sent their car up this narrow street. Drilling down to the street I entered 64 as the number and a message box pops up No hay bienes para los datos seleccionados, i.e. not found. So tried 66 and from its plan it could be seen that the corner property was marked as 1 in the adjacent street, so I looked up that and retrieved the details for the corner plot. The property, a bar, is numbered 64 in the wrong street. Oh, and the uso is residencial.

Excellent resource,
thanks again.