Re: Re: spanish inheritance tax rules


“I agree that there are many lawyers/tax advisors who don’t deliver a proper quality service, I see that every day. “

Yes, they are a minority & in most countries they dont last very long. They should also not last long in Spain. If the colegio itself was professional & rigorous in its Audit & supervision and protect the integrity of the profession.

In a serious Countries when people take up profession is because that is what they want to do. Studying “Darecho” because you dont know what you want to do and end up being a lawyer is not going to produce bright, competent & professionals. Whilst they have their office they also become “administrator of fincas” without even becoming a member of it so that they could be governed by their code of practise. This clearly shows the lack of focus.

“When you feel unsure about the quality of the service you may get from a professional, what I suggest to do (and this is what I do when I need any service from any professional) “

You are there & you have time to source these people, what I would call an “enchufes” another curse of Spain for which the majority of the people that suffer are the Spaniards. Why cant these so called professional be professional and if they are dealing in an area of law which is not their expertise state to the client and not take their money to mess things up for them.

Not all laweyers can win your case or give you advise. They can however make a judgement on balance of probebality. Something I have never heard from a so called Spanish professional.

“is to ask recommendation from somebody who I trust who has had a good experience and who could recommend that person. In any event, this will never guarantee 100% that you will get proper service anyway either…”

I agree as you can see from above. Nothing in life is 100% certain. However if they dont even want to aim for 50%, where will it end in terms of their competance.

“The colegio de abogados will not recommend you an specific lawyer in detriment of the rest, as this is not the colegio de abogados function”

Yes, I know it is not done officially. One wonders what is there function in theory !!!!

Sorry, I am not trying to be unkind to you. The above situation has destroyed the trust in Spain. As a result coming generations will suffer. Spain cannot rely on sun, cheap holidays or fruits from Murica.