Re: Re: Spanish industrial production falls 6.5%



Many, many qualified and intelligent young French people are leaving the country on mass. There are no opportunities in the country. Extreme left-wing socialism is destroying the post war consensus where social responsibilities were tempered and balanced with controlled capitalism.

Sarkozy tried and failed to liberalise that balance in favour of the free market but the French didn’t like it and failed to understand it.

It sounds hard to believe but the French don’t really understand competition or free market economics. They have been protected from it for so long. Cradle to Grave was not just a political slogan. In France it means everything to the ordinary Frenchman who expects the state to take care of their every need.

France is a wonderful country in which to live but the burden of taxation and state bureaucracy is oppressive. The country is now stuck with an over promoted hopeless President, trying to learn on the job. He only got there because DSK couldn’t keep his trousers fastened. The future is dismal indeed.