‘More than one Spanish bank sees the sharp-suited foreigners arriving at their doors as vultures trying to take advantage of a wider crisis in the eurozone to snatch away investments that will eventually turn good.’ – FT today – this is how Spanish banks perceive the very people they are begging to buy their glut of properties!

These banks have defrauded thousands of us of millions of euros, whilst their government sit back and watch. Many of us have been fighting for 5 or 6 years for the return of deposits which have been wrongfully retained by banks who fraudulently refuse to honour guarantees or have taken our money and failed in their legal responsibility to arrange the obligatory guarantees.

There is an opportunity next week to confront some of these banks or the Spanish Housing Minister or representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Infrastructure or the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). This is an opportunity not to be missed and one which will not be repeated. Please do not miss out!

We are asking a number of MP’s/MEP’s to attend the show and meet face to face with Spanish Ministers and question them as to why they allow the abuses to continue. Some of these will attend and are asking for as much support as possible from us, the victims. Please give them your support by registering and attending the show, and also registering for the Beatriz Corredor presentation on Thursday at 3:15pm.

You can find details and register for the show and seminar at:

We have waited a very long time for this opportunity – Please be there and let the Spanish know how you feel! Anyone who has a breached purchase contract and a failed bank guarantee please bring copies to show – those 2 documents speak volumes.