Chris M

@logan wrote:

Trying to influence the Spanish government however or expecting justice from the courts is I am afraid like knitting fog. Impossible.

And ditto the UK government, given the story of the poor old pensioner who was recently featured on BBC Radio 4 and throughout the national UK press, as having been duped out of this entire life savings, by companies high pressure selling him investment strips / plots of land on the proposition that this would move from agricultural to urban zoning thereby returning huge profits. His investments of more than £100,000 are worth less than £100 but nothing to stop anyone going and selling him the same concept again today!

There is no influence on a UK government that supports these ‘entrepreneurial’ companies, making them entirely legal and the courts who have not stopped their activity, it’s the same old deal everywhere really, knitting fog is as often correct in the UK as it is in Spain, so lets not go overboard here.

Spain of course has to put these issues right and learn the lessons which have so seriously hurt and damaged their market now with massive loss of confidence and trust, but lets also be practical, there are abuses of the system, situation, and inadequate action by the courts in every country, including our own.