Re: Re: Spanish Ghost Towns reveal extent of housing crisis.


The developments around Avila are interesting too. I saw a similar build-up in Alcobendas (on the northern side of Madrid) that actually have turned out well and seem to be well-occupied. The difference is that Alcobendas is quite close to the capital, and has had good public transport links put in (a new metro line to complement the existing cercania line).
Again I doubt anyone here is looking to buy in Avila, but if you do, make sure your place is well-insulated and heated (as well as the normal considerations). It’s the highest provincial capital in Spain at 3665 feet above sea level – this means that though it escapes the worst of the summer heat, it can get extremely cold in winter. Some excellent views of snow capped hills and mountains nearby, but the wind is bitterly cold. So far as I’m aware the Renfe train line down to Madrid Chamartin still functions, but it’s not on a AVE route.