Re: Re: Spanish capital gains tax retention on non-residents


I worry about this. I’m married to a Spaniard and have an NIE and registered on Padron. Everyone here assumes that I am Resident because I have lived here since 2004, abeit we went to the UK for a few years and then came back.

I own land for my Dad, as it was ‘easier’ ha ha… to have it in my name. Dad is now fed up with Spain and wants to sell the land which is in my name.

Would it be best for me to quickly go down to Almeria and get Residency? Some people say you have to have it, others say that you only have to prove that you live here etc. What is the truth?

If I sell the land, fingers crossed as I feel bad enough for my Dad (had lots of his things stolen from storage and now his dog has gone missing etc.) We paid half in cash (ha ha, that’s what we all do here I was told). So we have 15k declared on the escritura and the rest was in cash.

I’ve put it up for 40k which is the price paid including the costs. I worry about dropping too much as what will we have to pay out in costs?

Other land locally in a worse position is up for 90k, I guess they haven’t sussed that there is a crisis going on. Maybe we should just sit on it, let Dad go back to Ireland and sell in about 5 years just to recoup what was paid??

All so confusing….