Re: Re: Spanish banks – houses for sale



I’ve been advising people for some five years not to buy in Spain at this time. It’s a falling market and the evidence is all around. And that’s without the other dangers of illegality and corruption coming at you from all angles. And worthless bank guarantees as well as failed banks. The whole Spanish property market is an unholy mess.

The Sareb angle has now hung the sword of Damocles over all of us in any way involved in the market, even the holiday home owner paying a heavy price for his few weeks in the sunshine every year. A timeshare would have made more sense.

But still they come, the lure of the sun, sea and sand is just too strong.

I had a short break back in the UK recently, for the usual family reasons, I enjoyed the familiarity and greenness of England, but was still glad to land back in Spain. Once it gets you, you don’t want to leave.