Re: Re: Spanish Abogados


My experience in Spain Charlie has been until recently only as a tourist. I was lucky enough to go there inthe late Franco days and remember as a student hitch hiking accross France catching a train from Beziers to Cerbere in the night in April and arriving at Port Bou and buying a cup of coffee at the train station for 7 pesetas. Then buying my train ticket to Girona for 22 pesetas the exchange rate then being 164 for £1. I remember the station master benging the gong for the train to depart at each station. One has to admit things have changed and in so many ways the Spanish peoples lives have improved but we cannot blame Franco for everything I think there were good aspects ! But whilst not being a socialist I think that the situation regarding property transactions needs to be a priority for any political party. It will greatly improve confidence in the property market if things are more transparent -it is often said that we in England are over protected and it is this that causes the new buyer in Spain to sometimes be a bit unwary -particularly when you are not so young happen to go out on your own and unfortunately use a hungry agent that hasn’t seen much in the way of buyers in a long winter. Is so called ‘black money’ a good or bad thing -its certainly been a reality.If it were really made impossible it would need phasing because of buyers who have paid some cash and would be unable to get it back ! But very annoying when one just wants to do decent deal with a vendor and one has an agent in the way – equally though when one wants to buy something the last thing you want is someone else getting it -so it is easy not to be as hard enough with the agent at the time -but there is no excuse for exploiting clients by misrepresentation