Re: Re: Spanish Abogados


A very good and helpful reply Charlie and so early in the morning. I have to say that in England we complain about EU interference in harmonising things like fishing and other aspects of life here and we complain sometimes how the French seem to be less zealous than we are. But the position regard to Immobilliria and property transcations in Spain is more akin to a 3rd World’ country. What I find so unbelievable is that in several years of Socialist Government nothing has been done. It seems reasonable to say small tax evasion by individuals is not uncommon in our country but in Spain it is encouraged by agents and lawyers -the latter even complaining that they have to get involved. What the Spanish Lawyers need to do is clean up .The first thing that needs to be done is to make it a criminal offence for an agent to sign a contract with vendor and buyer at different prices and that a Contrato de Compraveta HAS TO BE SIGNED WITH BOTH PRESENT before going to the Notary and for it to be again a criminal offence for either agent or lawyer to charge any more than they have AGREED IN WRITING for any transaction -they are intermediaries and service providers-but they believe they are entitled to exploit for themselves. In fact standard charges need to be set out nationally with provision of course for small variations dealing with particular individual circumstances. I note your mention of OMIC the Consumer Office which could be helpful . I really am going to have some words with our Euro MP . I personally had a horrible experience like being ravaged by vultures in a country where I previously was happy to visit . I put it down to the recession -in bad times these intermederies are desperate for money . I have to say I still find the ordinary Spanish OK-my agent was not Spanish.-Another result of the EU it has brought in alien standards to this once very Catholic country. I woud have thought it more likely to have this experience in Egypt but I am told I could not be more wrong. When you buy in Spain CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!!!!!!