Re: Re: Spanish Abogados



Hi Ptr – I don’t know what UBEDA’s problem was with your post, I understood every word.

It is a sad fact that many lawyers in Spain have abused Power of Attorney – and in one of the two cases I know of personally the lawyer was English! I’ve heard of several other cases via postings on other forums. It’s also a sad fact that it is correct to assume the Colegio de Abogados do nothing to address complaints which is probably why so many lawyers try it on. From personal experience our complaints to the C of A fell on deaf ears, where our original lawyer failed on practically every count re. protecting our interests/ undertaking legal requirements during our purchasing process. In the UK the Law Society is a completely different animal where they take illegal and legally-negligent actions by lawyers 100% seriously.

Yes, unscrupulous lawyers can ‘blind you with science’ and produce receipts to account for monies they’ve taken by billing you for every e-mail, every phone-call, every letter, visit to the notary etc. which is why it is important from the start to establish a set fee. As for any monies paid on your behalf to a third party, whether it is at the notary or not, of course should bear a receipt. Every euro paid should.

Something possibly worth a try: In Spain there are offices called OMIC (Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor) which handle complaints from the public about anything including matters connected with the purchase of property. It’s a bit like the UK equivalent of the Consumer Protection Agency. I don’t know exactly where your purchase is in Gran Canaria but am sure there will be an office in your nearest major town.

Whereas I don’t expect they would deal specifically with a lawyer problem (they are really if you have trouble with traders/suppliers etc) we found the lady in the OMIC office in Marbella a mine of information re. guidance which route to take with our problems. She even stepped out of her remit, telephoned our developer and gave them a rollocking, the result being a Bank Guarantee which we had been fruitlessly pursuing for months suddenly appeared! OMIC actually have a lot of clout in Spain.

Not everyone finds their local OMIC office that helpful unfortunately, it’s just luck of the draw who you end up sitting infront of. But if you get someone good in your local office, they may just be worth a visit. Not just on this but on any other matters. Ask for the dept. that deals with ‘housing and planning’ but be aware you cannot expect them to speak English, although you may be lucky.

UBEDA – if you don’t understand a word of that, don’t worry about it. 😆