Re: Re: Spain’s Squatter’s


@Rocker wrote:

Sensible debates between the Spain haters and Spain lovers are uncommon, I suppose it’s the way of the world

I think you’re seeing things a little too much in terms of black and white, there’s lots of grey here.

I certainly don’t see Spain lovers and Spain haters here, except perhaps for Jake who seems to hate anyone who owns a property of any kind wherever it might be. But even Jake’s posts contain facts and truths in amongst the spin.

I don’t think logan intended to deliberately misrepresent the figures at all, I think it was a genuine error. That happens and at least he was honest enough to admit it, which is fair enough.

Personally, I don’t see Spain as being any worse than the UK or any of the other EU countries with the possible exception of Germany who have the discipline and economic manufacturing base to survive the current economic black clouds. In many ways the UK is in a worse state than Spain is, the main difference being that the UK’s politicians are smoother, duplicitous and more disingenuous than the bumbling, corrupt clowns that run Spanish politics. The UK politicians are just as corrupt, they’re just more secretive about it.

The whole Eurozone is balanced precariously on a knife edge, on one side is inflation and the other interest rates, they can’t afford for interest rates to rise so they lie about inflation, that seems the lesser of the two evils. Quite how the Bank of England can continue printing £billions without any underlying rise in the inflation rate is a magic trick I’m sure most countries would like to achieve. Spain of course just doesn’t have that option.