Re: Re: Spain’s premier Jose Luis Zapatero expects the ECB…

ralita wrote:
to be more responsible.
“I would advise Mr Trichet to be more careful in his comments: we expect the European Central Bank to be more responsible,” said Spain’s premier, Jose Luis Zapatero.

Can he really tell others what to do after he wrecked his own country?

God, he really wants a free lunch. Doesn’t he know that fairies do not really exist?

Zapatero is like all politicians he blames everyone else when things go wrong, so far he has fallen out with Bush,not alone in that I know,Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi, Trichet etc the only people he seems to get on with is Chavez in Venezuela and the other nutter in Bolivia. He has waged a running battle against the church, encouraged same sex marriage, gay rights. The man is obsessed with the atrocities carried out by the right , never a word about those committed by the left before, during and after the Civil War.

The man is as bigger liar as Brown and Blair,he told the Spanish people that the Euribor had peaked at 4.4% now 5,4%.
He said inflation would not go above 3,7% now 4,7% a figure that is nearly as laughable as the made up figure in the UK. If he had said it would go up a little from the 10% present rate that would have been more accurate .

He also said that growth in Spain would never fall below the figure in Europe, Spain´s growth in the last quarter was 0,3% ,Europe 0,7%:

The man is a clown, unfortunately a very dangerous clown. As in the UK I hope that the Spanish people will at last realise that socialism like communism is fine in books in reality it has always failed. Nu labour and PSOE could find they are so hated by the populace that they will not gain power for at least a generation.