Re: Re: Spain’s population falling.


Someone should tell Warren Buffett, Anuncio Ortega, Carlos Slim, and now Micheal Forbes – some of the world’s richest men, investing in Spain.
Or perhaps tell all those car companies increasing production.
Or the venture finds investing in these startups, just in the last few days:
– @3scale: €4,2m – @Marfeel: €1,6m – @Womenalia: €1m – @MashMeTV: €0,5m
Or tell Turkish airlines, they are wrong to increase flights by 20% to Spain.
Or tell those Russian/ex soviet operators, doubling weekly flights by 100 to 200 this summer.
I wonder why CapGem are expanding and hiring in Asturias? Why Jazztel are investing so much in Barcelona? Or why Amazon is expanding their logistics centre near Madrid?
Of course no one is suggesting house prices are set to soar. And given low rents, it really doesn’t make sense to rush into a purchase. But the government is still stating growth will resume by 2014. I believe them – let’s see if this happens? Not far away now!