Re: Re: Spain voted the most attractive place for retiring Brits



It really would be more profitable to buy in Blackpool or numerous other places in the UK!

I believe that UK prices will be a lot less volatile in the future than Spain’s will. Buying something to let in Blackpool, for example, and then using the income to rent in Spain, is a safer bet than buying in Spain. Of the two properties, the one you would own would most likely devalue less than the one you’d rent. It’s a way of managing risk.

I would still like to buy in Spain – two years after joining this forum to do research – but I just can’t take the plunge and won’t be able to any time soon. Another near-default by a Euro nation will push the GBP-EUR rate into a more favourable position for somebody holding Sterling and then there’s the future inevitable reduction in prices in Spain.

There are some fantastic properties on the market but I’d be a fool to buy one.