Re: Re: Spain voted the most attractive place for retiring Brits



This is a tough forum, you know. Jakesuper has taken a lot of flak for his negative posts, much of it understandable of course, so he posts something more positive and takes flak for that too. Agree or disagree with his views it hasn’t half raised the interest level of some of the topics.

I understand that extreme views make good copy, but what the Telegraph reports isn’t necessarily inconsistent with the OP’s articles. It only says “fewer” pensioners are looking at Spain, not fewer than what. It could be read as “fewer than used to” and the absolute number could still be more than are enquiring about Cyprus. It has been read here as “fewer than are enquiring about Cyprus” but it doesn’t have to bear that interpretation.

I’m really hors de combat in these arguments, because as I’ve noted before I was saved from my own folly in 2007 by a cautious valuation and a wise bank manager and bought in the Scillies instead, which I have never regretted I still contemplate retirement time spent in Spain, though, if it all looks calmer in five years’ time and I think many others are the same.

For what it’s worth, I’d judge that political risk is much higher in Cyprus than it is in Spain (Turkey and the disputed North haven’t gone away as problems) and as for whether the full extent of the problems there are known, if you think the Spanish know how to obfuscate, then I’d say the Greek Cypriots hold the gold medal.