Re: Re: Spain used to be a beautiful country once



Nice photos. How do you load them so well?
The poster Jakesuper plainly knows nothing of how beautiful Spain actually is away from the well trodden paths of popular desires. There are also many tacky parts as there are in every country, even France.
Even on the tourist coasts there a few lovely pockets of delight.

I recently made a business trip to La Rioja and found myself on a remote road to Soria over high mountains and deep valley’s and it was truly stunning. I met no other vehicles or people for 50 km and passed sleepy villages time has left behind.

However on the down side it is true Spain has destroyed much of it’s heritage because of the lack of controls, corruption and greed.

I do agree with Jakesuper in one other aspect, living or working in Spain these days is only for the dedicated masochistic. 🙂