Re: Re: Spain to ‘deep clean’ it’s financial sector.


I’m afraid in a situation that itsme has described I wouldn’t hesitate to act in the way I’ve mentioned whether it could be seen to be fraudulent or not, that’s the way I am. It’s no worse than the fraud already perpetrated by Banks. IMO the Bank have acted fraudulently if I’m understanding this correctly, and the way the Spanish Banks, as well as those in the UK and World have acted, ie fraudulently mis-selling financial products, mortgages, fixing Libor and SWAP rates, their Directors’s frauds, Rato’s negligence/fraud of Bankia, then they deserve all they get.

As for debt collectors, they can do very little if you own nothing, ie you rent including furniture, car in another name, they cannot take your goods anyway until they get a Court Order, so the big guys they send round pretending to be bailiffs are in fact not bailiffs and you can threaten to call the Police for harassment to remove them and to stop the Debt Collectors. They take on debts very often buy the debt at 10p in the pound, often much less, the costs involved generally dissuade them once they establish you own nada.

I would not pay under any circumstance, have always seen off bully boys, you can learn their tactics by phoning them pretending you are a client with a similar problem as yours, then use it against them, it’s hilarious how bullies back down, have even photographed big wheel clampers who are cowards and hide their ugly faces, and gone round to their offices with a few big fellas myself: 😆

Itsme, believe me, do half of what I mention, and they will go away, as a last resort, tell them it’s 10 or 20k, or nothing without a fight. As katy says, I’ve not heard of anyone being successfully chased and prosecuted in the UK for a Spanish/Cypriot debt. Once they’ve paid so much in chasing, they go away, they don’t keep spending, FACT : 😉

Happy to pass on such advice to anyone genuine being hounded as a result of mis-selling or fraudulent claim/negligence by bully boys, 100% success so far 😉