Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland


Curiosity drove me back to the nearby house with the Vendido sign, and I took my wife along as an independent witness, although she didn’t know it and thought we had gone out to post some letters, visit the cash point, and linger over coffee.

The sign had gone and we found an army of painters crawling all over the house. Spanish house painters are talkative people and we found out that the house had been sold by Spanish owners to new Spanish owners, but they didn’t know whether the asking price, 440K, had been achieved.

Unfortunately, we also passed a Farmacia which had just had a new super-duper machine installed which measures everything, from body mass to blood pressure and everything in between for a Euro. I spent the Euro under her watchful eye and now need to adjust certain aspects of my lifestyle. But I’m going back on my own next week to have it checked again, I’m sure her presence put up my blood pressure.

While lingering over coffee, I read this article in the local newspaper, which I found both funny and sad, and very relevant.