Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland

Chris M

@rt21 wrote:

It has taken a world recession on a scale that no one could have imagined to alter my view.

That’s the thing though isn’t it, I was all gung ho Euro, then I hadn’t a clue, then I figured jeeze we lucky we are not in it, now am thinking if we had, how much different a position would we actually be in?

And as you are way smarter in this area than I am, I am interested to know, in your opinion rt21 who is managing the whole collapse better is it the Eurozone or Britain?

Isn’t it all swings and roundabouts really.

The view is constantly changing at the minute, all because of this cataclysmic financial crisis, that yes no one ever imagined, but still how many people have truly felt the impact of yet as individuals?

In the end, doesn’t it all boil down to operating within the system of a single currency would be better, and we learn to live with the drawbacks and benefits of that really? Should the recession actually have changed your view? Perhaps you were right first time.