Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland



I don’t think Obama likes the British, he is also not very popular in the states either. All this sabre rattling is to detract from the criticism that he has done very little. Didn’t Obama’s Father piss off back to Kenya and had no contact with him?

I did not make a decision to live in Spain because I liked the idea of a United Europe, it was a lifestyle choice. No Government is perfect and if we were to choose where to live because of it’s politics then we would probably not move anywhere!

Don’t think the Euro is doomed, actually risen a few cents against the $ this week. Was a negative Spain news article in the Times today, can’t find it online
“The Fiesta is Over for Spend, Spend Spain” Claims that a million new properties are empty. Perhaps a little “hambre” may be good for Spain…they may get the customer service and value for money back!