Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland


“two American companies were as much or more at fault directly for the oil spill “

Yes and no one has mentioned them. Dick Cheney comes to mind !!!!!!!!. Yes, Britain is not a power anymore & buy sucking up to Americans they have some influence and this comes at a very high price.
Falklands could not have been liberated without the logistical support of the Americans. Look at the price we have paid in Iraq & Afghanistan and the one sided extradition treaty.

We did nothing when the Irish Americans were open supporting the IRA. Where was the war on terror, where was the money laundering for terrorism. We did not have a “ground zero” at the “Natwest Tower”

I do not think that Obama is pro or Anti Britain. He is governed by the foreign policy and at present the mid term elections. Besides he must have read the history of what Britain did to Kenya, where his father came from.

The Global politics is full of self interest, double standard & hypocrisies. We have to accept this and try not to be whiter than white, there are skeleton in every nation cupboard.

On a one to one we should respect & treat all that share our planet and be constantly in touch with history and react to counter this through our own deeds and action on a day to day basis.