Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland

Chris M

@Rocker wrote:

I don’t know who you are or what you are, but you sound like a pompous chump who likes to be rude to people while hiding behind a cyber identity.

Whoa there Rocker…!

I was looking at some of your earlier comments here, and was just jumping on my white horse to come riding in and see if I could help you out.

But you can’t call people “pompous chump’s” or even begin to take on the likes of Charlie and Katy in this way, this forum used to have all sorts of bickering and name calling going on, and it hasn’t had any for a good half a year or so now, probably because – without claiming the same for myself – it is full of well intentioned and well formed opinion in the main.

So word of advice mate, have a go at the arguments but don’t do the name calling, and if Charlie bends your ear a bit, get used to it, everyone else does!

NOW though…

You are absolutely right about Europe being a fantastic place to live, and Charlie is absolutely wrong when she says everyone she knows thinks the European Community / Project / Euro whatever is a busted flush.

I don’t.

I have been working side by side with people from literally every nation in the Euro for the past 20 years in Spain and 10 years in the Middle East, I think the CDS (don’t know the other areas of Spain well enough to comment) is the perfect example of a mini European community of nationalities all working and living together in real harmony and productivity.

Good on Charlie for loving her Greek Island, I can quite see the allure but it wouldn’t be for me for more than a week, but the coast here is an amazing mix of all nationalities, and a considerable number of Brits who believe the SOONER that the UK comes fully into Europe the better – though I concede it isn’t going to be for a decade or two – however it will happen eventually, it has to.

Now, if you want to rattle a cage Rocker – that’s the way to do it – say what you mean and believe it, it is OK, they come back at you like rattlesnakes but if you right, which in large part you are, you come out at least honours even!

And for goodness sake, I used to travel regularly to Ireland, Germany, Portugal, France several times in a year, and the whole business of individual currencies was STUPID and a NIGHTMARE on so many levels… YES there is utter turmoil at present, and it will keep us debating for another two years at least about the issue, but eventually the Euro will be as solid and strong as the Dollar, maybe more so, and the UK will be looking carefully at its pound and wondering.

This is just a phase, a time, it is not going to happen that countries withdraw from the Euro, but what is happening, whehter British people like it or not, is that people in Europe are becoming more as one, and MASSIVE numbers of Brits, well actually 100’s of thousands of them are still as happy as Katy was pre 2004, and more will come, and like you and me Rocker, they are HUGELY into being European and taking part in the grand idea of an eventual United States of Europe….

And another thing, while am on my high “Rocker” horse…

You were absolutely right about the Amercian Senators pouring their vile and unbelievable bile at the BP Chief Executive being sooooo wrong and actually scarily worrying about America and its attitude toward the UK under Obama, my understanding is that two American companies were as much or more at fault directly for the oil spill but would Britain have responded in this manner or sought votes left right and centre by attacking us in this way, they pay lip service when the matter of UK bashing is brought up, but I don’t think Obama is a friend to the UK. I can’t believe am saying it, but I actually think he is the opposite and we should be very wary of him altogether.

I think, we will one day learn, that our friends are actually our neighbours, and if we had shared laws, currencies and operations we would be much the better for it. But then we do, the European Union / Community, and it should be encouraged, supported, developed and loved, it takes time, decades, a hundred years or more, but the grand plan is the right one.

Am afraid the British Empire is gone people, I don’t want to be hand in hand with an American one, god look where that has actually led us and what thanks are we getting? Has one yard of Iraqi, or Afghanistan soil been worth the life of a single British soldier and did they need to go?

Amercia can get stuffed, long live Europe and will people SHUT UP about their being 1.6 million built and unoccupied homes – THAT IS NOT TRUE – there might be about 400,000 empty but that is it, the rest is something else in terms of statistics and guesswork. And as there is no build taking place today, the real surplus will naturally decrease and within two – three years no problem at all in urban areas. And developers heaven help us will start building again, because of something called demand.

AND FINALLY COS I MIGHT AS WELL THROW IT ALL IN AT ONCE…. If no one believes the stupid house price statistics from TINSA, then who the hell is stupid enough to believe some half baked stat that says that in all of Spain to April this year only 100 foreigners bought a property… oh for gods sake!

Eeeehh…. Sunday’s, you would think I had something better to do, but you looked like you needed a tad of support here Rocker and I know I should address one issue per post, but haven’t had a good long ramble for ages!