Re: Re: Spain: the new crisis in Euroland



I’m always surprised by the negativity of some people towards the EU. It would be silly to list all things for and against, and it would take forever, but on a property forum I can think of one overwhelming positive from membership.

We have a Euro-wide policing service, with Euro arrest warrants, extradition, Euro-pol as well as international warrants and extradition. Spain’s authorities are notoriously slow in dealing with the widespread corruption involved in the selling of illegal properties, mostly to foreigners, but they are getting there, some eight to ten years behind the time.

There’s a major case before the courts from the Lliber, Denia area. It’sabsolutely typical, corrupt developers, a corrupt town hall with associated corrupt lawyers and other officials. The case is over eight years old, but this time the police have gone after the foreign agents as well, Germans in this case. They have been brought back from their home country in handcuffs and are standing in the dock with their fellow accused.

The whole chain of corruption and building of illegal properties wouldn’t work without foreign agents selling the properties on to their own country folk. And if they knew they were selling illegal properties, they would be just as culpable as the other conspirators.

The Denia case is minute compared to the cauldron of corruption around Marbella in the past ten years and more, but the self-same principle applies, and eventually the authorities will get round to the agents that were involved too.

And thanks to the EU, there will be no hiding place for them.