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I can’t believe that someone living in Spain, with European neighbours, can believe that we should be out of Europe? What are you doing here? Why do you want to live in an unfriendly country?

What on earth are you talking about? I think you’re ‘off your Rocker’ with a statement like that (pun intended).

I and nearly everyone else I know think the whole Euro project was doomed from the start, likewise the possibility of success re. the Euro – and resent the undemocratic ‘dictatorship’ machine it has become. The concept was a good one eg. ‘The Common Market’ but it has evolved into something totally unrecogniseable 15 years down the line. The UK was wise not to get involved (we suffer enough bull****-directives as it is) and just because many of us choose to live in another European country doesn’t mean we think we should buy into the European Union thing with all that it entails.

We love the diversity and individuality of all the different European countries, so noticeable when you drive and cross each border. But that has nothing to do with believing that we should tie all these countries up together and be dictated to law-wise and financially by a massive unelected group of people (who enjoy a humungus gravy train) and one currency. The inability to devalue one’s currency when necessary is strangling Greece, likewise Portugal, Spain and Italy. This one-currency-fits-all-regardless is just exacerbating their difficulties. Have a chat with people in Germany and you’ll find the majority wish they’d never heard of the Euro (I got that from my cousin who has been living there for 35 years).

You can not believe that people think they would prefer to be ‘out of Europe’? What do you honestly think the answer would be if a referendum was now offered to every European?

An interesting article on the future of the Euro in today’s Telegraph:

I have chosen to live in Spain, permanently, precisely because I believe in the concept of a European union of sorts, though perhaps not a monetary one. You obviously don’t live in Spain, and are anti-European, I respect that and will not be rude to you in return.

If you can’t understand why it doesn’t make sense to live in an unfriendly country, then I can’t help you or explain it any further, the only scenario I can think of is a businessman living in an unfriendly country purely to make money for a limited time, but what a joyless life that must be, surrounded by people you don’t like.

Germany more or less started the entire concept of a European union along with France, mainly because of their convoluted history and to prevent the ugly nationalism they know so well from returning. The Euro was a step too far for the Germans, a German worker forced to retire at 66, will not support the idea of a Greek worker retiring at 61, with Germans picking up the bill.

On top of that, the Euro couldn’t work without British membership of the Eurozone, London is a world banking centre that Frankfurt can’t compete with, for one thing, not enough people speak German, and English is the business language globally.