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Thank you for the explanation, I didn’t think you could live in Spain as an anti-European, it wouldn’t make sense. I haven’t come across any anti-European expats living here, they would have gone to live elsewhere, wouldn’t they.

There are lots of anti’s living in the UK and they are part of Europe too, don’t see the difference.

There are lots of things about Spain that I don’t like, but the things I do like by far outnumber the negatives. I’m about to go into my swimming pool, as I do every day for around eight months of the year, I couldn’t have done that back

Is your pool heated, if not you must be very hardy. For 15 years we averaged mid May +/- a week and too cold after around mid-Sept. 4 to 5 months! Of course the weather is better but July and August can be unbearably hot and the winters are colder than the myth put out. We had CH, cost a fortune to run and the UK house is still warmer.
and I still only pay a Euro for my coffee, the last time I landed at Stanstead it cost me a fiver. Etc, etc . .

15 years. That’s made me stop to think. You must miss it every day. Something must have happened to make you post negative things about a country you lived in for 15 years, and I’m sorry it happened.

My pool isn’t heated, I go in when it’s at 20 degrees, it’s 30 at the moment. I feel very uncomfortable in July and August when it’s too hot and I have to hide from the sun.

Incidentally, I made the choice to live in Spain all those years ago after considering Florida instead. Only three years ago, I came within an inch of emigrating to California and I’m now glad that I didn’t.

Without being funny, you mentioned having 800 Euros in a drawer. If you convert those Euros into American Dollars, you would be able to buy a house in Detroit, or an apartment in Las Vegas.