Re: Re: Spain on brink of remarkable recovery…



Angie – sorry about that. With the household items, I mean upgrades/repairs and even furniture. Because the spanish live in apartments they have funds for Roof/Staircase/elevator repair/service/piping. All these items need constant repair and those items have collapsed (the impending 21% tax on them does not help either), these will come back over time. Also furniture, for all the complexes that are not sold but rented, these are being furnished with second hand or dumpster diving in the richer areas, this too people hold off on for a while, but it does come back. The same goes for cars. We know that no one is buying new and in the case of large services they are pushing those off to the point that some garages are negotiating second hand tires, putting off timing belt changes, these too need to come back.

That is where I mean the pent up demand, not really just people looking to spend, more the need to spend on structural/long term items.