Re: Re: Spain on brink of remarkable recovery…


I think the point is the doomsters came up with various “cry wolf” scenarios for Spain over the last couple of years. After all they tried to tell us the Spanish were unable to adapt to modern times, and besides which the Euro made them uncompetitive..
Yet the Spanish have turned the corner and growth is expected to return quarter 3, and exports to continue strong growth.
Consumer confidence is now starting to return, and together with a general upturn in other western countries, there will be further months where “better than expected” economic results come out of Spain. Well done the Spanish people!

Caveat: I am not recommending buying Spanish property as a short-term investment. There is a still a lot of things to be sorted out in that area, and this forum is good at pointing those issues out. But the business area looks promising, and I hope to announce my own purchase of a business in Spain by late September. 😀