Re: Re: Spain bouncing back as always…

Chris M

@peterhun wrote:

For a start, why buy in Spain at all? I looked at what was available in Spain and then looked at Krakow in Poland. Here I bought a farm with 2.5 ha, 160m house and a barn in beautiful farm land with a pleasant view. It takes 35minutes to the centre of Krakow and getting there via public transport cost 70pence.

My choices, and a lifestyle choice that may not suit many others but it emphasises that Spain is by no means the only or best second home option. Its got terrible future growth prospects and foreigners will be milked dry for years to pay for Spains debts.

It is not often my jaw drops open on this forum, I thought I had seen it all.

You bought in Poland…

So your reason for being on SPI telling everyone they are an idiot to buy in Spain is what exactly…?

Good luck to you, I am sure the 70p bus ride to Krakow is a pure joy compared to living and owning in Spain.

I really don’t know what I hadn’t thought of going there myself.

And to think the guys up above who have taken the trouble to give their reasons – non investment based and personal – for buying in what we all thought was a beautiful, sun blessed, cultured and magnficent country such as Spain, could all along have gone to Poland.

It just beggars belief.

Congratulations on your purchase, but how on earth did you end up on SPI, shouldn’t you be on PPI or some such and extolling the virtues of Poland really? Is it really fair or right for you to be making your own overseas purchase choice in one country and coming to a site to attack others for making their own choice in Spain, for which they have patently given every bit as good an argument for buying here as you have in Greater Krakow?

Am almost speechlesss, I really am.