Re: Re: Spain after the Elections.



@garysfbcn wrote:

Finally, someone doesn’t know who Ayn Rand is is just ignorant. In secondary school, we had to read the ‘classics’ including novels written by Hugo, Dickens and Rand – this from our “inferior” eduction system.

Why should any European have read an America author who is integral to the definition of America but utterly irrelevant to the rest of the world? She is part of American culture and you are demonstrating that exact lack of understanding of the Europeans by assuming she is part of theirs.

You have to remember that the whole economical philosophies that exist in America simply don’t exist in Europe, we don’t even view the words as having the same meaning, liberal and conservative are not comparable in American English and British English. Its probably true that the English understand the French, Germans and Spanish better than they understand the Americans.

I think its fair to say Ayn Rand and here works are pretty unknown outside the USA. I’d classify Atlas Shrugged as garbage and propaganda and it probably explains the screwed up world view of Americans today.