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Well I went off to South Africa just over a month ago, and promised the family to stay away from the computer for the three and bit weeks we were there, and since then have had a week in the UK and a couple of hectic weeks in Spain, so I haven’t been near the forum in that time, however given my experience in SA I have been desperate to ask…

Is there anywhere that is actually better than Spain to buy… to then use for that regular holiday, or to live, to work, or simply fulfil that lifetimes aspiration that many people have; which is to move to the sun?

I have a real passion and belief in Spain, but I would have to admit it has been severely tested by my three weeks in Cape Town South Africa.

It was a truly amazing place I have to say.

Incredible scenery, coastline, beaches, shopping, restaurants, wines, people – really, really nice people – diversity of culture, something like 30-50% cheaper to eat and drink, play golf, and just fabulous service everywhere.

Mmmm…. I am on this site to sometimes stand up for Spain. I just never expected to have such a fantastic time in South Africa, I certainly didn’t expect to be comparing it favourably in so many areas to Spain. I believe actually the people who are most valuable on the site are those that so often have a knock again and again at Spain, I took a quick look earlier at some other threads I had an interest in before leaving for SA.

I saw some people telling other people to “shut up” and “stop being negative” well I find all of that firstly rather silly and secondly rather counter productive.

This site really helps people get the low down on Spain particularly in relation to property and moving to Spain, and actually the people who are supposedly so negative here are actually the very people who simply tell it as it is, and most often in an even handed and fair way. All is not well in the Spanish garden and it is those who protest and shout loudest who will actually cause change and effective change at that.


What is the actual truth about Spain versus A. N. OTHER…?

Everyone I find is very fair on this site, so if no one has done it before…

Would it be fun, or a bit interesting to debate, if not Spain then where?

And then test the argument for the where else against what might be positive in Spain? To see how Spain truly stands up against its competition?

I loved South Africa, I would like to go again, offered the chance to live and work there, I would be very sorely tempted… can anyone continue the argument and say yes to go and do so, or would you say no stay in Spain?

Might be fun debate, or like one or two of the other threads I have started it might just die a slow sliding death down the forum list..!

As an expat I live in CT on the beachfront in Blouberg with the postcard view of Table Mtn across the sea. Been here for 26 years now so thinking about staying! Lots happening here sports wise with the Lions rugby, Confed Cup where I’ll be shouting for Espana and of course the footy W Cup next year with an England cricket tour sandwiched in between! I reckon the W Cup will be one of the best ever despite all the doubters.

I deal in bringing sports tours to SA and over the years famous sportsmen have said to me that CT has got to be one of the top 3 cities in the world and these guys have travelled! It’s funny because my ideal would be to live in Spain about this time of year with a month or two in the UK as winters in CT can be cold and wet but with stunning days between. Have bought a unit off plan in Manilva but trying to cancel and get my deposit back as it’s taken 4 years to finish the development but that’s another story and we’ve got some bad builders in CT just like everywhere else.

SA for Europeans has got to be so cheap and once you’ve paid the airfare the rest is for free!

Yes, crime and other issues are not great but you wouldn’t get me walking areas of London after dark either. The world has changed big time and there’s not many places today that are completely safe.